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Shorewood Patio - Design & Build

Project overview

Phase 1.
We were referred to the client through a collegiate pier / horticulturalist, the client was looking to overhaul their existing garden space and add more hardscaping elements. We installed a 900 square foot patio / walk combination made of a patterned paver with brick inlay. A natural stonewall cobble was set around the outer edge to delineate between garden space and patio space. Lighting elements were added to provide visual accents on ornamental trees as well as light the outer edge of the patio. The entire base was a clean wash stone base providing an element of permeability. In preparation we had a irrigation system installed, and as always dealt with addressing any downspouts.

Materials used:

Clean wash stone
Square pattern paver
Brick Herringbone pattern
Lannon stonewall cobble

Kichler Brass lighting
Polymeric sand
Mississippi decorative stone

Phase 2.

Milwaukee County
Wauwatosa, WI

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